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In Search of the “Original Amendment" 

The year is 1776. Five men were gathered…

An argument broke out from Adams, “We have to change that, we’ll look like hypocrites if we put that in there”.

Jefferson replied, “But the word is “property”, we cannot leave that out. The word “property” is the hinge in which the door of life, liberty, and freedom for our Republic’s citizens will swing open!”

Jefferson continued, “The word property must be in there, Life, Liberty, and Property”. Locke did not mean slavery by the word “property”, he meant you are your own property, your work, everything you create is naturally yours, what you make out of the land, your farm, your home is yours, no one should be able to take it away, and no one can ever own you. 

Jefferson suggests a solution, “In Locke’s writings he also mentions the pursuit of happiness!” Jefferson scratches out Property and writes in “The Pursuit of Happiness. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

The Declaration of Independence’s substitution of “The Pursuit of Happiness” for “Property” kept secret, until now, “The Original Amendment”. 

The nebulous phrase, “The pursuit of happiness” is subjective and meaningless in the context of rights and a poor substitute for Locke’s profound meaning of “property”. So why substitute “property” with the mediocre phrase, “the pursuit of happiness”?  In the 1700s the meaning of the word “property” under the law included owning people - slaves. Locke’s meaning of “property” was far from the dictionary's definition of property! 

Abigail Adams was known for her opposition to slavery, and for the time, was even considered an early abolitionist and women’s rights advocate.  It is even known in the letters of John Adams and Abigail’s conversation on the inhumanity of slavery.

What a coincidence, the founders found themselves in the original politically correct dilemma; so for that reason alone “property” needed to be substituted with “The Pursuit of Happiness”. A convenient word substitution for then, but over time led to the erosion of our rights. All the founders had to do is substitute “Individual Sovereignty” for Locke’s word “Property”. 

Individual Sovereignty, (the expanded meaning of Locke’s property) even without God’s endorsement, is the ultimate, inalienable right. The definition of Individual Sovereignty: The quality or state of being sovereign, or of having supreme power or authority over yourself, your tangible property, intangible property, thoughts, ideas, and sovereignty over no other person. Rightful status, independence, or prerogative. A sovereign or independent person.

Without Individual Sovereignty we have nothing.

Individual Sovereignty is the absolute opposite of tyranny, and the only escape from tyranny is Individual Sovereignty. This is not just an idea or concept, but the law of the enlightened nature of man and inspired by the Godliness of our Souls and Spirit, and not by the rule of the jungle.

Seven thousand years ago in Genesis, God said, “Man is made in the image of God” and in context, no one disputes the sovereignty of God! Our spirit can be argued is the sum of who we are, and no one can take it away. Tyrants are always trying to diminish and break our spirit, enslave our souls, and steal our property.

Individual Sovereignty is the North Star we use to navigate morality and all rights; self-protection, freedom of thought and speech, ownership of property, intellectual property, freedom of religion, and the right to absolute privacy. These rights are protected by the consensus of all enlightened individual sovereigns through liberty, due process, and equal justice under the law.

The foundation of Individual Sovereignty can be further strengthened through the love of our fellow sovereigns, laws handed down by God, the wisdom of all time, and just common sense. Two thousand years ago Jesus taught us about Individual Sovereignty forged from our spirit, our soul, and ourselves. Jesus mentions the mutual protection of Individual Sovereignty is simply achieved by, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

What is crystal clear, but confusing, is in the founders' documents they included almost everything for individual rights, except “Individual Sovereignty”. Shakespeare said, “a rose by any other name is still a rose", but the founders left out the root of the rose bush.

The legal justification of Individual Sovereignty is through ownership of money, wealth, and tangible property.

Founder Ben Franklin said (Paraphrased), “You cannot tax rights, so property such as money/income/wealth as an extension of your rights cannot be taxed”.

The Supreme court ruled that when it comes to political donations of an individual's money (your wealth and property) represent freedom of speech. Following the logic of the Supreme Court’s ruling, you can deduce that it is undisputed, money means freedom of speech. What is more important is the acknowledgment that under the law; wealth, money, and property are extensions of your rights. A founding principle is rights cannot be taxed! This is more proof of Individual Sovereignty. 

So, does that mean, the less wealth you have, the less freedom you have? Yes, without wealth and money, your rights are restricted. Individuals only have the minimum basic right to Freedom of Speech – to bitch and complain! The only protection and privacy you possess are at the mercy of the courts, government elites, and the ruling class! Most of us cannot afford to run TV Commercials for our favorite candidate! Ever tried to buy a gun or ammunition without money or hire an attorney without money? Practically everything cost something.

So, you can argue the Supreme Court also did not consider equal justice under the law in this ruling as well. This lays suspicion that the Supreme Court may have lost sight of the rights of Individual Sovereignty in favor of corporations and special interest groups.

The only way to insure and enjoy all our rights is the protection of our wealth and property. All Individual Sovereigns must be allowed to compete fairly without government intrusion except to protect our Individual Sovereignty. The only thing we want from our government is a fair playing field.

Wealth and property earned through Individual Sovereignty is the only way to guarantee:

  • Due Process

  • Privacy

  • Economic Opportunity

  • Health Care

  • Education

  • Property Ownership

  • Leisure

  • Food, Clothing, And Shelter

  • Self-Protection

  • Travel

  • Intellectual Property Creation - And much more!

Without wealth and property, “the pursuit of happiness” is just a frivolous promise of the Declaration of Independence.

Who needs privacy? It can be said, “the virtue of an honest person is they have nothing to hide”. 

Privacy, however, has nothing to do with virtue, it is a right. Privacy is one of the buttresses of Individual Sovereignty. Your property includes your thoughts, your words, your intellectual property, your records, your finances, what you do, where you go, what you buy, and more.

Individual Sovereignty’s privacy is violated when tyrants seek to make rules, regulations, and laws to empower the government, the ruling class, and tyrants. Governments should never have rights like those hidden in the constitution, the 16th Amendment. The 16th Amendment gave the government the right to take away your income - the product of your work. Appropriations are another hidden governmental right that steals our wealth without equal justice under the law. The government should have no rights, only citizens should have rights. A government of the people, by the people, for the people.

How do we protect Individual Sovereignty?

The most common threat to Individual Sovereignty is and has always been the taking of wealth and property. 

Everything we acquire legally is ours; homes, land, businesses, intellectual property, and even the words that come out of our mouths. If property and wealth are the manifestations of Individual Sovereignty, then taking wealth and property is the manifestation of tyranny. 

Individual Sovereignty can only be diminished and taken away by income taxes, property tax, any form of wealth tax, and by force. No one or government has the right to your property, wealth, or income. 

However, true taxes which are in harmony with Individual Sovereignty are needed and essential for a nation to operate and exist. Income or property taxes are false taxes or invalid as they tax individual rights.  A true tax should never be punitive and limited to a system that fairly taxes all segments of society equally under the law. For example, in a tax system, that is pay-as-you-go for all financial transactions and sales, taxes are equally applied as needed. As stated before, without your/our wealth you/we have nothing.*

*Note see for a detailed transaction tax system.

Ronald Reagan said, “A government big enough to give you all you need is big enough to take all you have”.

Every day we are slowly being separated from Individual Sovereignty. The soft tyranny of bureaucrats, billionaires, and the ruling class insidiously push The United States into a hybrid Authoritarian -Totalitarian nation. 

Individual Sovereignty creates a foundation and firewall to protect the United States against tyrannical creep. As Sovereign Individuals, we are the bricks and blocks, a force multiplier of millions that created this nation. The sheer number of Sovereigns alone is a deterrent to many would-be tyrants. The irony of the tyrants, they see themselves as Sovereigns too; but they don’t see earned wealth, land, home, or enlightened thoughts as property; they see us as their property, subjects, serfs, and slaves. The ruling class of tyrants slowly enslaves us; leading many, as if they were the pied-pipers, down the ideological arrogance of Hell’s righteousness and folly. They won’t be satisfied until we are all turned into jackasses like the lairs in Carlo Collodi’s land of long wooden noses.

The other "GREAT RESET”… Finding the “Original Amendment – Individual Sovereignty” and the Declaration of Your Independence

Throughout history, enlightened individuals have searched for utopia. A place where everyone thrives. A utopia that insures protection from the elements: enough food, clothing, shelter, and most importantly, protection from unjust and unfair treatment from others, tyrants, and governments. The closest any nation has ever come to being a utopia is the only nation that prized Individual Sovereignty – The United States.

John Locke’s writings in the 1700s help to inspire and guide our Nation’s founders to forge the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration, as written, seems to lay out an ambiguous choice or a double entendre, blending individual Independence and the independent nation as if they are the same. If we rely on the context of the Declaration, it is logical that individual Sovereignty is essential to create and maintain a free-enterprise-based independent nation. 

The founders were not a room full of philosophers debating society, but normal working people that had the urgency of surviving in a new nation free from the King of England. Their priority was the protection of Individual Sovereignty with permanent legal Constitutional protection from tyrants of then and tyrants in the future.

While setting in stone all the attributes and characteristics of Individual Sovereignty there was no mention of it in the Declaration. There would be no ambiguity if the original 5 authors penned, “Life, Liberty and Individual Sovereignty”.

We are all empowered by Individual Sovereignty to be bonded together with other Individual Sovereigns. Individual Sovereignty gives us the love and respect for each other to perseverance in individual unlimited achievement while fighting tyranny. Embedded in our minds, and spirits are inalienable and immutable rights, laws, and morals needed to keep and protect our nation.


John Locke’s original definition of “property” which was intentionally substituted with “pursuit of happiness”, for more than 200 years has hidden

“The Original Amendment"… 

Now we finally found it! 

“Life, Liberty, and Individual Sovereignty.”

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