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Americans want a new tax system that everyone and every business has a little skin in the game...

  • A system that pays the budget

  • A system that starts to pay our debt

  • A system that is good for the economy

Disclaimer: To be clear no one will dispute the need to pay income and property taxes under the current laws to fund the states’ and the nation’s infrastructure and essential services. This site is to inform of alternatives that will pay our Federal and states' budget and debt, while creating a better cash flow for the economy.

Think of the United States as a Super-Economic-Highway. Everyone and every business have to pay a small fee(tax) to use it!  Every day millions of people and businesses create trillions of dollars in sales and financial transactions on our Super-Economic-Highway. NOW TAX, like an infrastructure toll-road, if added only a 1-3% fee(tax) for those sales and transactions it would be enough to pay all our federal budget and start paying down the national debt! 

The secret of NOW TAX’s low tax(fee) rate is to use the largest tax(fee) common denominator possible – All sales and financial transactions- divided into the Federal Budget. Think of it as an Infrastructure Usage Fee/Tax (IUF) of an estimated 1-3% fee (tax)

No other taxes, just one tax! The NOW TAX will never tax income, wealth, or property.

Now Tax is an automatic tax system

"NOW -TAX" - National 1% Flat Sales & Transaction Tax

Link to US House of Representatives


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